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M-Jenga is a cloud based and mobile solution for construction and project management. M-Jenga system is a designed to assist contractors and builders in planning, scheduling, execution and monitoring of projects.

M-Jenga empowers contractors to monitor the progress of their projects from a central dashboard, control expenses and monitor inventory movements in a project.

M-Jenga comes with an enterprise mobile application which is used by supervisors and managers giving your team the flexibility of sending reports to head office in real time regardless of their geographical location.

Project managers and stakeholders can use the system and app to obtain key insights for the purpose of making data driven decisions.

Explore Amazing Features

Project Task

Schedule and monitor progress of project.


Monitor project expense real-time.

Scheduling & Planning

Plan your project with precision.

Safety & Incidents

Recieve safety and incidents reports.

Mobile App for Field Workers

Allocate tasks, control resources and recieve reports in realtime.

Unlimited Projects, Documents, Photos & Data

Create unlimited projects, documents, photos and access through the projects dashboard.

Materials Reports

Receive and issue materials from multiple project stores.


Provides a checklist for tender documents increasing your chances of winning tenders.


Track project equipment e.g hours used and cost.

Human Resource

Manage employee records.

Instant Setup - Easy to Use

Performing tasks takes few steps, menus and buttons are simple and clear.

24/7 Support

We provide training and support to all our customers. and online.

M-Jenga is Designed to Give You More Flexibility

Take charge of your construction business, whether in the office or on a holiday. Allocate tasks, control resources and receive reports in realtime. M-Jenga System is an integrated construction management software, available on desktop, mobile and web. Gives the flexibility you have been looking for.

Track Your Construction Expenses Realtime

Appropriately track your projects expenses in real time and compare your quotation with the expenses just to make sure you are on the right track.

Designed for Contractors and Developers

M-Jenga App Screens

Manage Construction From Anywhere

Contractors Management and Monitoring System works perfect remotely.

Share Data with team members

Reduce Project Risks.

Receive Daily Site Reports

Realtime updates on Progress, expenses, materials and equipments from Site Agents.

Resource Management

Manage your Construction Equipments, Vehicles and Control Inventory.

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Our Pricing Plan


  • Mobile App ✔
  • Projects ✔
  • Materials ✔
  • Tendering ✔
  • Finance ✔
  • CRM ✘
  • Project Calendar ✔
  • Fleet/Equipment ✘
  • Human Resource ✘
  • 2 people Training ✔


  • Mobile App ✔
  • Projects ✔
  • Materials ✔
  • Tendering ✔
  • Finance ✔
  • CRM ✘
  • Project Calendar ✔
  • Fleet/Equipment ✔
  • Human Resource ✘
  • 3 people Training ✔


  • Mobile App ✔
  • Projects ✔
  • Materials ✔
  • Tendering ✔
  • Finance ✔
  • CRM ✔
  • Project Calendar ✔
  • Fleet/Equipment ✔
  • Human Resource ✔
  • 5 people Training ✔

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